AC Services

Beat the heat and stay comfortable with our company’s air conditioning service that will have your home’s atmosphere cool and relaxing. Most AC units will require some servicing in order to work at peak efficiency, and with regular maintenance, a good unit will last you a long time. When that time comes, call Sherman’s Heating & Air Conditioning at 703-862-3409.

Heating services

No matter what region of the U.S. you reside in, winter will come and it will be colder than you’d like. So why not trust our company to make sure you are at ease with our heating services. Call Today!

About Us

Shermans Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. provides heating and air conditioning service, and repair. We have products by Trane™ and other top-quality manufacturers that are all reliable household names. We provide residential heating, air conditioning and heat pump service and repair in Alexandria, VA, and surrounding areas, see map on this page for areas that we serve.

Our company has been in business since 1992, and throughout that time we have made a name for ourselves for quality and customer satisfaction. Our top priority is to get only the best for our customers.

Call Sherman’s Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. today, call 703-862-3409.